What is Healing of the Animals?

Healing of the Animals is a ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship where we bless and pray for our pets. It is an opportunity to have your pets prayed over by a minister of the Gospel for a general blessing on those that are well, and for healing on those who may be suffering from an illness or injury. We believe that God’s love does not just stop with people but is also extended to our pets. Jesus defeated the curse – every sickness, disease, disorder, diagnosis, and malformation; not just for us but also for all of creation. Jesus commanded His followers to preach the Gospel – the Good News of His Love and salvation to ALL creatures. Let us pray for your dog, cat, gerbil, horse, etc. and release God’s healing power into their bodies.

When & Where is Healing of the Animals?

Healing of the Animals is from 3:00 – 5:00 PM Saturday, October 1st @
8707 Indian Springs Rd.
Frederick, MD 21702.

What to Expect at Healing of the Animals:

At Healing of the Animals you will find friendly, understanding, and compassionate fellow pet owners who want you and your pets to experience the Love of God personally, starting with your arrival, and ending with your pets healed and on the road to recovery. After sharing your pets needs, a minister will pray for your pet. After prayer, you are invited to stay a while and let your pets enjoy the fresh air as you enjoy some light refreshments and simple fellowship.